About us?

We are a retail store of sneakers, textiles and accessories located in Altaplaza Mall (Panama).

Our philosophy is to maintain a modern and urban environment, offering exclusive brand products, always adapting to the needs of customers.

Creating a space where fashion lovers can feel comfortable and with the latest trends.

At Nowe we take care of our clients by offering them personalized advice focused on the sneakerhead, a person who collects, exchanges or admires footwear.

Always being up to date with the latest news and knowing what you need at all times.


The word NOWE is a compound, derived from NAWE (Africans) and created from the union of We + Now.

It symbolizes a change and a new way of doing things.

It's a Now with you! since we deliver at this moment with our clients.

That makes us different?

We have opted for fashion, breaking barriers between luxury and casual, with a large selection of footwear and accessories from brands with the greatest international recognition and prestige.

If you are looking for the latest trend sneakers, at Nowe you will always find the ones that best suit your personality and needs.

Nowe is currently expanding, establishing commercial ties with neighboring countries, with the aim of replicating our philosophy and focused on expanding horizons.

Do you want to work with us?

If you are interested in fashion and sports, our brands and our company, we are waiting for you!

We are looking for proactive, dynamic, committed, decisive people, with organizational skills and, above all, those who like to work as a team.

You can send us your application to info@nowesneakers.com

In all selection processes, NOWE maintains its commitment to the diversity, equity and inclusion of all candidates. This being an essential objective of the Company, reflected in its Equality Plan.

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